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Gregory da Silva - About

Growing up in Scarborough, hailing from a West Indian background Gregory was heavily influenced by his culture as well as the diversity in the neighborhood. Reggae, hip-hop and rock and roll were major musical influences in his life as a teenager when he began to DJ and sing as a young adult.  From there Gregory teamed up with The Malvern Original Lights whom he sang out with at parties for many years. Through this he met music producer Stu Sheppard, and created two albums, “Malvern Original Light” & later “Crazy Life”. From these music opportunities, came the opportunity to do some acting, which took the focus of his attention over the past few years. However the studio kept calling and Greg is now back creating a brand new album with producer Cortez the Killa of Four Sounds Media, including himself and collaborations with many other talented artists out of Toronto, Canada.  Gregory is happy to be back to his roots, and can’t wait to once again show the urban vibe that first got him into the game.